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flyback transforme

flyback transforme

flyback transformer 'eS cost chut lulajpu'bogh nap jen efficiency characteristics widely lo' neH 100w 150w HoS supply compared latlh nagh topologies 'elbogh 'ej chach isolation patlh characteristics je HoHpu' flyback transformer. 'ej laH multiple outputs, law' law' be 'ej negative voltage output wIv DuHIvDI'

flyback Transformer ngaQHa'moHwI'mey Specifications ghap le' Features:
1. Se' Qap: 20 khz-300 khz
2. HoS output: 0.5-3000w
3. Hat Qap:-40℃-+ 125℃
4. storage Hat:-25℃-+ 85℃
5. storage humidity: 30 vatlhvI'-95 vatlhvI'
6. voltage ratio: refers 'oH primary voltage 'ej secondary voltage ratio transformer.
7.dcr: dc resistance.
8. transformer vanglu'Qo'DI'.
9. insulation resistance: insulation capabilities botlhDaq je SabtaHbogh transformer windings.
10. dielectric HoS: per voltage patlh withstand transformers qaStaHvIS 1 cha'DIch pagh 1 tup.
11.weand vIlopQo' jay' 39 re; pong iso9001:9000 Sagh certification manufacture.

lupoQ qaStaHvIS Segh Sar, HoS Transformer leQ

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